quad core L1 board/CEB form factor HELP PLEASE?

ok all dont flame me if my question is a noobie question but i really need some help....
i want to build a new system useing the asus 1207+ or L1+ mother board that will run 2 quad core amd cpu's.
at asus it says its a CEB form factor board...whats a ceb form factor?

also i was hoping to put this board into a case ive been modifying by MGE called a DRAGON case which is a atx case. ive redone all the leds and got it so it looks real kool at nite but i dont think the mother board will fit in there...the mesurements on the asus 1207 or L1 is at this time is 12 x 10.5 inches....the dragon case is mesured in mm at540x515 translates into 21x20 but when i take the case apart given room for the hard drives the dragon really only has about 10 inches and i was planning on putting in 2 nvidia 8800 vid cards which if i am not mistaken are about 10 inches themselves....
i just dont think its going to work and i am a little upset over this but i cant find a L1 to see if it would fit and im not sure what a CEB factor board or case is either.....my other option would be a new case by cooler master called the 830v its the newest case they have newer than the older 830 which is sposed to be able to handle the double 8800 vid cards and sure has alot more fans for cooling too. so i open my heart and little brain to the gurus and hope you wont just sit and make fun of me but try to help me understand this delimma and how i should best solve my problem...your honest /kind and prompt answers are appreciated in advance...

the link to the L1 board is


the link to the dragon case is

and the link to the new cooler master 830 is


again thanks for any help....mark
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  1. Quote:

    at asus it says its a CEB form factor board...whats a ceb form factor?

    It's a form factor made for dual proc boards. They're alot like ATX boards, since the form factor was partially derived from the ATX specs. CEB boards are bigger then ATX mobos, but the mounting holes and I/O plate are both in the same positions.

    If you want a more indept explanation, read this pdf.

  2. thank you ....that does help...now i just gotta figure o i try to save the dragon case or go with the cooler master nvidia special....anyone else got a idea....and thank you agin for explaing waht a ceb form is ...i appreciate it...mark
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