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My computer was having some issues so I manually re-installed windows media center edition on my Dell 9300 laptop using the disks Dell provides ( run on sentence). Formatted and re-intalled everything went great. Added all software-everything great. However during the install it asked where to load the new operating system there were 3 or 4 places to load, screen said to load to biggest partition. I did. Why are there so many partitions and are they needed? Do they take up space? Also now when the system reboots a black screen shows up and says which operating system do you want to load, they are both the same I leave it at the top one and windows loads with no problems. How do I either get rid of this bogus operating system or diable this page from coming up?

Thank you ---- Jody
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  1. You probably already had a restore partition, in addition to your OS partition, Dell usually does. I'm guessing when you restored off the disc, you created another restore and OS partitions. So now, instead of the normal 2, you probably have 4. You can boot off the restore disc and delete the unwanted partitions. Or you can simply restore the laptop again off of the restore partition.
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