What computr to use for best results of 3D architectural rendring

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  2. For best results in rendering, You should have as many cores as possible, Best to have any Quad-core with sufficient amount of RAM say at least 2GB DDR3, with some professional graphics cards like Quadro/FirePro series.
  3. I have intel corei7 920 cpu with 6GB of ram,and a 2*2GB DDR5 vapourX VGA but still I am not getting the speed that I want. Should I buy a server with dual AMD opteron 12cores or 8cores or Xeon would b a better server?
  4. Its not with cores, you need Professional GPU like nVIDIA Quadro Series or ATI Firepro Series.

    i7-920 is good enough processor.
  5. Which software are you using..??
  6. Which speed are you referring to.? If you are referring to final rendering, then it totally depends on the CPU.. If you are referring to desktop rendering then it depends on the video card.. It looks like you are on a crossfire setup which is no way beneficial even with the 4 GB frame buffer that it offers.. If this build is purely for professional use than i'd recommend you to use a single video card.. For further suggestions and advices, it'd help if you could mention the software you are using..
  7. I am using 3dmax2010 with matching Vray. Windows 7
  8. V-Ray is a tasking computation.. You require a good enough CPU to handle it smoothly.. 3DS Max has the ability to crunch up cores.. Until we know your budget, recommendation would be to pair up an i7 930 with 12 GB of DDR3 RAM and an ATI FirePro V4800 GPU.. Below are the links -





    For better recommendations, put forth your budget..
  9. I have no budget limitations,my limitations are the speed of the rendering operation
  10. matureman1 said:
    I have no budget limitations,my limitations are the speed of the rendering operation

    In that case, here is the best computer for your purposes.
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