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hey guys so i have some videos that are in m2ts format which my pc plays and its all good but my 360 and dvd player dont, so i converted them to mpeg4 using any dvd converter which is a great free software by the way, and now my dvd player still doesnt support it, now what is the most common format for movies/videos, and still keep the quality of 720p, so that my dvd player will play it, now i converting it to use video codec x264 , i can change it to mpeg4 or xvid, what the best format of those? and if i change it to xvid or mpeg4 should most dvd players play it then? i thought that x264 was the best format to keep good quality.

need some help guys pls and idk what category to place it in so sry if tis the wrong one.
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  2. okay thanks and also the ps3 plays m2ts files but the sound keeps on freezing why is that any idea man
  3. JOIN the forum on video help.The answers you get are the real de
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