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Hi I have made a program in Visual Basic 6 in my PC. And then I have built an application .exe of it through the VB Auto .exe builder. But the problem is that when I try to run that .exe file from other computer. It gives file missing error, different at different computers. I had to submit the college project and yesterday it didn't run there at the demonstration time because a file was missing and may be another stupid reason is VB was not installed in there. It given me some error like mssdfmt file is not found. When I download the dll of the same and then installed in my college system and tried to register it, it didn't got registered.

My Question Is:

1. How to know which files from the system a program uses for its successful run?
2. Is there a way to make a installer package to automatically install the .exe and the required dll or other files in any pc in which I want to run the program? Like a official software or application.

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  1. Go to "Microsoft Visual Basic 6" - "Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Tools" - "Package deployment wizard" on the Program menu. Run that. It will build a deployment package with all of the files that need to be installed. A list of files can be found in a file named "SETUP.LST" which will reside in the parent directory of the deployment package. It is just a text file so use notepad to open it. hope this helps.
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