Need help with hp pavilion disc boot error please help asap

I recently moved to a new house, after getting all my stuff organized i decided to hook my computer back up. its an hp pavilion xp, i started the computer up and now it goes through all the main screens in the begining but it gives me a disk boot error insert disk or something like that. does anyone know what the problem can i fix it, i have tried doing a recovery on it but had no success...i need my computer for school monday so please help..thanks
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  1. When moving the SATA cable or power cable or both may have shook loose from the hard drive with all the movement. The system is failing to find the HD and load the operating system when you power it up. Shows up as a disk boot hard drive with XP OS found. Try opening the case and checking all the connectors to the MB and hardware, especially the hard drive's SATA cable.
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