Hi! I`m new at this site. Pls help me out choose the best GPU & PSU for my $$$. I want to upgrade my GATEWAY DX4860-UB33P.
I also want to try to play games like battlefield3 & install a BLURAY DRIVE. Im using SAMSUNG 27" LCD P2270HD as my monitor.

My budget for GPU: $150
My budget for PSU: $100
My budget for BLURAY Drive: $80

Pls help I`m a still a rookie! Thanks in advance...Your opinion will be appreciated!
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  1. Would a radeon 7770 hit the frame rates you need? You might not need a PSU upgrade in that case as I think it's only a 80W card. Or wait for Nvidia put out their low power kepler card, which might come soon.

    Tomshardware 7750/7770 review has BF3 hitting 31 fps at 1080p, 16x af, high details, 4x MSAA. And 46 fps at no MSAA with a stock radeon 7770. It is probably the minimum card for BF3 that doesn't need a psu upgrade. Test platform was an i7-3960x, though I doubt BF3 needs 6 hyperthreaded cores. also, the review was quite a few driver updates ago, but I haven't seen updated 7750/7770 benchmarks - just updated 7970 benchmarks which do show a boost for new drivers.

    I would skip the blu-ray and get a boot SSD first. 60gb ssd's are going for $45-60, and you might be able to get a 120gb for $80-90 if you watch closely. If you need blu-ray, internal sata blu rays seem to go for about $60~80 on newegg. What exactly are you doing with the blu ray?
  2. I looked around and it looks like the consensus is that the max gpu you can get in to that box without upgrading the psu is the new Radeon 7750 (55W card), not the 7770 (the 80W card).

    The 7750 runs about $100, but I don't think you can hit 30 fps in BF3 for the max settings at 1080p. It might a solution if you are fine with lower settings (i.e., no MSAA, lowered details)

    given your gpu/psu budget of $250 and overall upgrade budget of $330, I would try to stretch that and go for a 500W psu (today newegg has an antec neo eco 520W psu for $50 as a shell shocker today, with a $15 rebate taking it to $35), a radeon 7850 (normally $260, but newegg has an XFX radeon 7850 that is currently at $235 with $15 rebate taking it down to $220, and it appears rated for 500W psu and up) and I guess the rest into the blu ray (although seriously, get the SSD before you get the blu-ray).

    You'll have to figure out whether the PSU will work for that case, though.
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