The absolute best PC gaming headset?

I need a new headset for my computer. I've been wearing both a microphone and seperate headphones at the same time for years now and these headphones make my ears all sore and red. What is the best PC gaming headset available for 150 dollars or less concerning quality of sound, the microphone, and comfort? Thanks.
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  1. The best sound is the Sennheiser HD595, they are absolutely immense, I can hear so well with them that I often get accused of wallhacking.

    only downside is that there is no microphone.....
  2. thats 300 bucks and i wanted one with a mic
  3. It took me about 10 seconds to find out that they cost $172 at amazon. Although I'll agree on the mic thing, I'm sure you could find an even lower price. So I've no idea how the heck you came up with $300.
  4. Hey sutton,
    what game do you get accused of wall hacking is it ut2k4? Can you give me more info on your audio set up? ie sound card and settings are you using any hifi equipment etc?

    my ut clan uses sehnnhesier hd280pro headphones dont buy from them) they are 99 bux u.s they are good because they are closed headphones meaning when youre trying to hear the game youll never know whats going on outside the headphones because they are closed. blocks out background and outside noise. also you can listen to what you want at extremely high volume with very very sound leakage outside the headphones. also these phones play everything great music movies everything.

    the hd595 are open headphones and others will hear what you are hearing. the hd280 pro is extremely comfotable sitting over the ears and not on them and folds up really small,are very flexable .

    you can buy this model with a mic i believe. for gaming the are three recomended headsets that are high quality the sehnnheiser hd280,the beyer dynamic dt770 80ohm version only find them for 140 dollars no mic and the akg-701 over 200 bux and no mic. the last two are really high end ,best buy is the sehnn hd280 check out this link
  5. shaido is the hmd 280 pro shown here the same thing as the hd 280 pro you mentioned except with a mic? Or is it the hmd 280 XQ except w/o the mic shown here ? The XQ is better right?
  6. Sennheiser PC 156 and PC 161 for gaming headset and that's the affordable ones.
  7. hey does anyone know where I can get a good price on the hmd 280 xq ones (with microphone) as opposed to the hd 280 pro (without). They dont seem to have the hmd at amazon or newegg they only have the ones without the mic for good prices.
  8. Hey desentry,

    I am not familiar with the hmd 280 models that come with a mic . one guy in my clan has one but he hasn't been on in a few days. However the sennheiser website says it is the same headphone with a really good mic.

    I should say first that i have the hd280-pro and its 99 dollar price tag is reduced from 199 and it is like entering a new world of sound, audiophile sound for cheap. These are great cans i bought these for 99 and a logitech mic for 15 bux. I also should mention i buy almost all of my computer parts either from or most people know these are 2 greatest sites on the web for quality customer service and speed and safety of purchase.also they offer alot of free shipping.

    I would recomend you search for the hmd280-pro if you decide you must have a mic on your headset. I use a 15 dollar logitech mic that sits on my desk and i assure you its crystal clear sound. I paid 120 for great sound and communication. now the reason i recomend the mic i listed above is because it is a" lower ohm model "meaning that it is easier to drive .the other models are 300 ohm and take some power and effort to push.

    heres two websites i frequent that are allabout headphones you could join the forums and ask the experts. they even have a sale forum you can buy stuff for cheap:) and

    I am a just someone trying to help and dont take everything as concrete but as far as i know i'm right :)
  9. What do the terms drive and push mean?
  10. nevermind, i researched it. thanks
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