Kaspersky Anti-Virus??

I went with my Mom to bestbuy today to get her a computer, anyways, they gave us a copy of Kaspersky off the shelf.

I was wondering if this is better than the free norton security that comcast gives you??
I have never heard about them so I figured I was ask around. Thanks.
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  1. better go with avira free & malwarebytes ... it wil do better ..
  2. I have heard people recommend avira then others say to stay with the free norton. I got the malware bytes with the norton right now on all of are computers.
  3. 1.avira free
    2.malwarebytes sypware remover free edition and or superantispware free
    3.pc tools firewall plus free
    4.ccleaner , a free windows registry cleaner
    5.revo uninstall free,the best uninstaller

    great free tools!

    This is kaspersky internet security in action!
    Give it a watch!
  5. that was pretty cool, the list you gave me was given to me before, but then I stayed with norton cause someone said it would be just as good. I got the malware and cccleaner but I didn't use the pc tools firewall w/nortons firewall.
    IDK I guess I can give Kaspersky a shot, the geek squad dude came out and was trying to sell me it. He kept telling me that its the best one out there and that I shouldn't use anything else. I don't know why he was trying to sell it, when they ended up giving it to me free.
    The only thing is I thought I would try the setup on your list, so maybe I will uninstall norton and try each of them out.
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    thanks for the input!

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  8. I haven't tried either but maybe I will post what I thought of the 3. I would assume Kasper would be the best since it costs money. But hey you never know.
    I figure when installing Kaspersky that I would only cccleaner and MalWare bytes, but if I were to get Free AntiVer I would also get pc tools and the rest.
  9. I'd say Kaspersky is the best antivirus solution available right now. Although Bit Defender and Vipre are both worth looking at as well. Theres a lot of information about antivirus software here:
  10. i like vipre also i put it on my parents computers!
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