Temps overclocking C2D 6600 on P5N-E Sli and Corsair 6400C4

Ok. My two cents for the people who use this rig (very common among pc gamers as you can see in the forum)

My box:

MB Bios 602

Mem settings: 2 GB at 4-4-4-12 Trc 22 and Cmd Rate 2 w/ voltage 2.084

CPU in manual OC: Rated FSB at 1250 (gives 2.8ghz) linked in a 2:3 mem ratio (resulting 833,3 mhz) with a Cpu voltaje: 3.875 v

Disable all spectrums and extra CPU options, also disable all not needed in bios (sound, raid, qfan, etc)

Video is Evga 8800 gts 640mb superclocked, OC to 625/950, stock cooling, NGO optimized drivers, ver. 1.15822 (idle 67, load 81 C°) and Riva Tuner loaded

3 Hard Drives (two maxtor 160GB in raid 0 and a 300GB maxtor as backup)

Agiler 1000w PS

SB X-fi sound platinum

In the background runs AVG Antivirus, Rocketdock and Creative Software

Cooling is made by Thermaltake Big Water SE liquid sistem (not terrible efficient but decent temps on a Viking case) with one 12" fan intake and one 12" fan outake (thermaltake, so their speed can be regulated)
The room temp is in the 25 - 26 C° (a little high, I know) and the inside case ambient temp, as the case probe tells, is 33.8 C°

In order to achieve the "Computronix Law's" for the 6600 C2D, temperatures (juntion is always 15° higher than cores), using Orthos Beta, I did as follow:

With the fans at normal speed I recalibrated the cpu temp (using speedfan here) by -5 C° so the reading, at 2 hours using orthos, is as follow:

CPU 44°
Core 0 58°
Core 1 57°

If the fans are turned on high speed, all temps drop by 2 °C

The system is rock solid and gives a +10500 points at 3Dmark06
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  1. Air cooled, 1-120mm front intake / 3-80mm side intake / 1-120mm exhaust / 2-80mm exhaust (pci slot, back to back, 1 draws from the top of the video the other from the case top)
    room temp 23c, cpu oc'ed to 3.0 (1333 FSB) bios 0401

    CPU 35c 1 hour Orthos 41c
    Core1 41c 54c
    Core2 41c 54c
    HSF on high
    Video oc'ed 575/850 48c idle 63c load
    3d'06 10,030 using official 158.22 driver

    My buddy was trying to talk me into water cooling just last night, but judging by this I'll stick with air.
  2. Nice job. What are your Idle temps?

    Comp 8)
  3. When not overclocked the juntion idle at 33 C° and cores at 37 C°,

    When OC between 2.8 and 3 GHZ the idle temps are 36° J and 40° Cores.

    Also I forgot to tell I have a probe placed between a memory stick an it disipator and it shows a temp that fluctuates from 40 to 52 C° when OC at 890 Mhz (3:2 ratio of a 1333 mhz FSB = 3.0 Ghz).

    By the way friend Computronix, you wrote you were preparing a guide of how to set the temps correctly (how to use the offset option of speedfan, I think). Are you still on it?
  4. for my overclock using this board, i set the mem to sync mode, and them linked.

    seems to work better, much more stable.
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