My photoshop CS4 crashes windows 7 display driver.

I thought perhaps this is the right place to put this post, hopefully it is.

Ok so I'm having a problem. When i use my copy of Photoshop CS4 it causes my Nvidia Driver kernel to stop responding. First the screen will flash to black and then it will recover with a message appearing by the task bar informing me that my Display driver has stopped responding and been recovered. Most of the time I can recover and continue working, but sometimes the program will completely lock up.

This appears to happen randomly while using photoshop, I've seen no pattern nor have I ever been able to reproduce the crash. It does appear to happen most often after I've started the program. It seems to happen most often when interacting with the menu or tool bars. So far it is the only program I've encountered any problems with. I have multiple 3D games like left for dead 2, fallout, Mass Effect 2, all of which play just fine on my computer.

Some things I've tried are:

Disabling Open GL dawing
Increasing and decreasing the memory allocation in PS
Changing the scratch disks
Memtest86, came out clean after 6 hours of run time
Did a checkdisk.
Found the latest update for photoshop or whatever it is.
I don't have any special plug ins of any kind, only what installs by default.
Disabling my antivirus.

I have all the latest drivers for all my devices.

My hardware is as follows

OS: MS Windows 7 64 pro, latest updates

AMD x2 6000+
Gigabyte MA-770 UD3 revision 1.0
G skill DDR2 800 ram, 4GB
2 SATA harddrives
1 EIDE hard drive
Soundblaster Audigy 2 sound card.
Corsair 650W power supply
External harddrive USB
Webcam USB
Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet USB

I'm not sure what to do. I'm afraid to try and reinstall windows as I'm not sure it will fix my problems, and it will be quite a hassle as I have a single install license through my school. So that is my last resort attempt.
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  1. Sorry man I feel for you, I've got the same problem.

    It's probably not a hardware issue but just in case run FurMark for about 20-30min If you don't get any crazy lines or artefact's the the card is good, cooling is good & the PSU is supplying enough power.

    Remove your video drivers (everything) restart in safe mode and run some like Eusing Reg cleaner to remove anything missed, restart normally and install the newest available drivers - see if that works.

    good luck

    F*%*^@g photoshop!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I got CS5. Its better, but the problem has happened in that program as well.

    I tested my card with fur mark, and it seems to be working fine. Besides 3D apps including Fallout 3 on ultra work just fine.

    From what I can gather, the display driver crash happens when I mouse over to a tool bar or tool pallet. I'm guessing something about windows 7 + nvidida + photoshop's window drawing code = failure.
  3. I would belive it is a driver conflict. Your motherboard has onboard audio. I have experience occasional driver conflicts with soundblaster audio cards. Try removing the sound blaster drivers and sound card. Then install your onboard sound drivers and see what happens.
  4. Did any of you guys ever find a solution to this problem? I'm in the same boat - same specs, except 8gb of ram, 2.8ghz i7 with an nvidia GTX260
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