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Today I installed, Microsoft 2007 office sweet for my computer. After this, my mom freaked out because she didn't want to use Word 2007 (I have no clue why). So I reinstalled only the 2002 Word. This went okay, and I reregistered it. However, when I opened it, I found that some whings were different form my previous settings (I really don't care because I'm not going to use it anymore). however, one thing that was really annoying was these little gray brakets in each corner (See Screenshot). There must be some way to get rid of them, because they wern't there before. Can anyone tell me how?

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  1. This is because of automatic support for Asian Languages,,, It can be manually removed as follows:
    1. Go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office XXXX Language Settings.
    2. Disable any support for Asian Languages. Only support should be for English (U.S.)
    3. Bingo! You're done...

    Close all Microsoft Office applications before performing the above steps... NNJOYYYYYYY ;))))))
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