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Our computer recently had a hard drive that we reformatted over to clean install the operating system. We, however, horribly failed to check to see if our photos were secure before we reformatted the drive. So, I got a photo recovery software and managed to get them all back, however they are only thumbnails.

I literally recovered 132,000 photos (Only 17,000 of which are actual photos I took, the rest of random image files the software grabbed) and not one of these photos is normal sized. They are all thumbnails. Is there any way to fix this? All these photos are useless to me as thumbnails
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  1. idk all I can find on the internet about that is a data recovery wizard for recovering pictures on your hard drive that were deleted. if there are only thumbnails, perhaps the pictures no longer exist, but you should be able to find them with a recovery tool.

    I also found this:

    good luck.
  2. Quote:
    Generally data recovery software will show you thumbnails for your pics when you scan the partition, but they CAN recover them to their full size for you. Maybe you did not get the point when using your data recovery software, please try out this one and see the effects:

    This is old thread and OP have not posted any msg since 2010 : )
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