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Problems installing windows xp on a gigabyte ex58-ud3r

Last response: in Windows XP
May 4, 2009 8:56:12 AM

I can't install windows xp on my new computer. I have a new gigabyte ex58-ud3r motherboard, i7 920 at 2.66, 6GB Kingston 1066, two 640 GB WD Caviar Blacks in an Antec case. I can install 64-bit Vista fine, no problems at all, but I am a chemist and need to run some programs in XP. I've been trying to install 32-bit XP (I have Professional, SP2). Can't do it. For one the Windows setup screen see two 128 GB hard drives when I boot to Setup. If I format one using Setup, my computer dies when it restarts the machine during setup. I tried removing my hard drives, installed my friends old 180GB and tried again. Initially, I booted to the XP on my friends drive just fine. When I reformatted the drive and tried to install a fresh copy of XP, I would get a blue screen of death when the setup would restart my comp. Any suggestions? Similar Problems? I am thinking about buying a new SP3 XP but I am a poor grad student and would rather not. I already spent way too much!
May 29, 2009 11:51:14 AM

I'm having the same problems. I need to dual boot XP and Vista but cant get XP to install without a blue screen error.

I'm using two of these Crucial kits "CT2KIT25664BA1339" for 8GB in tri-channel mode (one channel uses two of the DIMM sockets together).

I cant get Memtest 2.11 or Memtest+ to load from CDs I know work on other computers.

Anyone encountered this? I'm a computer tech and have installed XPhundreds of times on different hardware but this has me stumped.

I run Windows memory diagnostic and it doesnt report any errors. :( 
January 8, 2010 11:12:06 AM

This reply might be a bit outdated for the original poster, but I am writing this in case anyone else will need this solution: I have too encountered the blue screen when installing Windows XP, but succeeded when installing WinXP with the SP2 already built-in in the installation. I got it from our tech department, so I don't know exactly how it was made, but it think there are utilities that will help you compile this installation CD.

The installation was then working without problems, however I can't install the audio drivers for the motherboard's sound system. It always ends up with the restart of my machine during the installation. I have tried to avoid the installer using the "Update driver..." option in the System Properties, but then Windows was restarting during the startup, so I had to restore the system using earlier Restore point. (It was ok then, but I am without audio.)
January 8, 2010 12:15:43 PM

A program called "Winlite" will allow you to "slipstream" service packs and drivers into a new image of Windows XP that you then burn onto a blank CD. You might be able to install your sound drivers that way so they got installed during the XP setup.

I had to give up on getting XP installed with this board and just settle for Windows 7 and its compatibility mode.