EXE'S managment !

Hi there.

I'm looking for a way or software that manages exe's.
For example, when application A.exe is working, application B.exe shuts down, and when application A.exe is no longer in use application B.exe starts working again!

Is anyone awere of how to do this, or any software that allows this to happen ?

I'm really looking foward to this, please help if you have any ideia.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. What 2 applications will be working with this manager?
  2. Take this example. I'm running Folding at home on the gpu and cpu, and when i start some game, take for example "Just Cause 2" i want thet Folding applications to shut down, but when i stop playing the game, i want them to run again.

    It's something like that!
  3. I don't know any utility that would do that, unless you schedule programs to start on Windows Task Scheduler. But that doesn't control their ending.
  4. What bugs me more, is that there must be something like that out there, but i couldn't find it yet!

    If anyone finds or knows something please, please help!
  5. You've Googled every possibility?

    I know FAH is geared to run on your off-cycles. Does it stop and start automatically, like a screensaver? Or can you run it while you're sleeping?
  6. Yeah, FAH uses cpu offcycles but when it comes to gpu things won't work quite as expected, and it decreases performance by a considerable margin on newer games.

    That's why i would love to find some program that would automaticly shut it down whenever a game of my will starts, ad when i finish playing it the FAh app would start again!
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