Something may be wrong with Google Chrome

Google Chrome which I started using a couple weeks ago is having trouble finding the webpage on first try (9 time out of 10) and I always have to click a second time on the link and it finds it right away, once it finds the page then eveything works great but always on the first try it does not.

I have high speed Internet and even when i start Google Chrome it tells me (Unable to find web page please check your .....) and it does that even for its start page, all my bookmarks and any web page i find in searches.
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  1. Try the same sites in IE and report back to me.
  2. graywolf said:
    Try the same sites in IE and report back to me.

    IE is OK, but I don't want to turn to use IE since I like Google Chrome..Do you have any other ideas??
  3. I mentioned IE just to narrow down the problem, not suggesting you use it. So the problem exists in Chrome, not in your internet connection.

    Let's see if we can get some Chrome users here to help.
  4. Try reinstalling it.
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