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Hello everyone,

Sorry to have to ask you ladies and gentlemen, but I am at my wits end trying to figure this out. In 17 years of professional computer and network administration I have never seen this before and I can't seem to isolate the problem.

I had an installation of Windows Vista Ultimate x64. After a few months I noticed that applications would "fail to launch" after clicking on them. Basically the first 84-108K of a file loads, and then the process just stops. On programs that can have multiple instances if you would click to attempt to load it again, sometimes it will load in, sometimes you get the same 84-108K loaded, or sometimes it loads up incomplete (for example, Windows Media Player will load up in a strange grayed-out box instead of the Aero appearance, and it states an error stating it is unable to play the media file. However if you close the player and attempt to relaunch that video and it "successfully loads" then it appears with full Aero and plays the file without any errors. Basically I am trying to say that this is not a file or a codec error, but a windows error). After approximately 1 day of being on I the system will typically be up to 200+ processes of things that run in the background, such as SearchFilterHost and taskeng. If you use the task manager and attempt to close these incomplete loads you get an "Unable to Terminate Process - the operation could not be completed. Access is denied" error. Believing my PC to possibly have a corrupt file, I wiped the hard drive and reloaded the basics, meaning Vista x64, mobo drivers, video drivers, sound drivers, and all Windows updates from the update center only, no third party apps. Magically, the problem is here again. These are standard components that many people use, so I know it is not a hardware conflict (Using eVGA 780i mobo, GTX280 video, and X-Fi sound). I am clueless as to how to resolve this, as it creates an emvironment which is difficult to work with all the failed launches, multiple instances running, and with any file that does not support more than one instance the need to reboot the second I have a failed launch. I am sorry to have to ask, but help please...I am stumped and can not find the culprit. I have searched knowledge bases everywhere and so far have been unable to come up with a solution. I am hoping that maybe someone has had this same problem and has already resolved it, and that they remember the steps they took in order to resolve it. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I hope I was thorough enough in my explination in order for everyone to understand my question.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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  1. Seeing you have reinstalled vista on your machine with just the basics it seems there must be a hardware/driver issue!

    Have you taken a look at your event logs?
  2. I will second his findings. I have 2 machines, one at home one at work. Both did it. Diffrent hardware. This machine has since been upgraded to a high end server setup and it still does it will a full format reload. STILL does it. I gotta restart or log off and log back in to clear it up and it comes up with a "end task" window before it will finish restarting or login to close all the "crap"
  3. I was just about to post a similar question when I noticed this thread. 2 nights ago I went to the ASUS website to look at motherboards. They have what's called a QVL memory page and I decided to d/l it so I could price my prospective Newegg purchase out. I saved it to my document folder. Last night when I clicked on the saved file IE came up and began fading in and out.I clicked the close X at the top of the page and it appeared to close but the same page kept reloading over and over again. When I brought up task manager every time I would click end task another IE would come up. Long story short I ended up logging off and restarting which finally ended my problem. Since I'm going to install Win 7 soon ,(this is happening on Vista Ultimate 32 ), and most of my stuff is already backed up should I re-install Vista Ultimate or just wipe everything out and move on ?
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