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Hey everybody. So i bought a new monitor (LG W2343-T) and it works perfect, no dead pixels or anything. But, for some reason the display likes to randomly switch to 800x600 resolution and WILL NOT switch back to my normal resolution until i restart my computer. The only way to fix this is to roll back my drivers to the windows PnP drivers. the problem is that even when i roll back the drivers the problem will still randomly come back. then i would have to install the LG drivers again, and it will work perfect again, until it randomly gives me problems.

Does anybody know what exactly is going on here? I have to keep switching my monitor drivers back any forth between the LG drivers and the windows drivers to fix this. I'm running 64-bit Vista Home Premium. Thanks!
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  1. That sounds like the video card drivers not the monitor drivers causing that.
    What video card are you using?
    Have you tried to reinstall the drivers for it?
  2. I'm using an XFX Radeon HD 4890 XT. I haven't tried to reinstall the catalyst drivers, but i see that the 9.7 drivers are out and i only have 9.6. so i'll try that.
  3. I updated my drivers/catalyst to the newest (9.7) and the problem is still there. it usually triggers when i change my resolution or when i play a game. it happens around 3 times a day.
  4. Ok Im not a user of Those video cards but Ill hang in till someone else comes by.
    I am running a LG monitor and I havent seen this.

    My next thought would be to try deleting the LG driver and see what happens.
    Let windows give it a driver when it boots.
    You may not see your monitor listed, it may show as genaric, but you should be able to configure its settings.

    I recently reloaded my computer and used a image file to do it. The image didnt contain the monitor driver but everything went well.
    Actually though I didnt see any difference after the driver.

    So in device manager try to diable the driver and reboot and see what happens.
    If all else fails after that boot to safe mode and reenable the driver and reboot.

    It may show up as the driver is there after the reboot, but it shouldnt.
    If it does try to disable it again in DM and move around to see what happens.

    It wont delete it.
    The worst thing that could happen is that you will have to get the driver from the LG website.
  5. see thats the thing, to fix my problem without a restart i have to delete the LG drivers and use the windows Plug and Play drivers. Then everything works 100%. Then the problem happens with the Windows drivers, then I install the LG drivers again (without restart) and everything works 100%. Its the switching of the drivers that fixes my problem.

    Sounds weird I know. I recently installed SP2 for vista, maybe thats where the problem came from? I know its a driver issue because I plugged my old monitor into my computer and everything worked perfect. I hope installing Windows 7 (when i get my copy!) will fix all of this.
  6. That is weird.
    Which monitor drivers are you using.
    I recently did an upgrade that included SP2 and was going to update the monitor drivers and found that the driver on the supplied cd is newer than the one from the website.
    Unfortunatly the drivers that I have are for 19 and 20 inch.
    I dont know how of a difference there is.

    But for now try to check the dates (if you have the cd) and try to use whichever one isnt currently being used.
  7. I had the same type of issue.
    also have x64 Vista,
    with latest drivers for 9800gt,
    but only PnP drivers for my Sceptre X22HG(no x64 drivers)

    several times a day my screen will fade in and out of a yellow tint, twice now everything turns completely yellow.
    when you try to recall the settings on the monitor everything goes black and the contrast value=65647... normally its 60.

    the only way I've discovered to fix the problem is dual boot into XP partition and recall settings on the monitor from x86 OS... which is time consuming and annoying. especially when you're in the middle of a game or project.
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