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So, I found this site for open source software of all kinds.

I was just wanting to know what off this list everyone would recommend or has experience using. I got a couple of them that are working great, but I don't want to get any more without knowing what's good and what's not.

Thanks in advance, Kris.
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  1. SourceForge is a well-known site. I've used Audacity, Firefox, Thunderbird, VideoLan. I've dumped VLan for lack of good directions. I've already been using a lot of freeware for years that I found before discovering SourceForge, so I haven't tried much else.
  2. cool, I already have Firefox and Audacity, but thanks for your input. I also have gimp, by the way, but I don't really use it.
  3. Oh, and I've also found a few good games there. Pathological is one of the greatest puzzle games I've ever done, and every few years I go back and run through all the levels again.

    I've heard good things about Gimp. but i was already using Paint Shop Pro for years when I discovered it. There's a wealth of stuff at Sourceforge, but I try not to clog my computer with programs that have similar functions, so I hope you get some more feedback here.
  4. Nobody but graywolf? No suggestions at all? Come on, it's not that hard.

    Here Bruce!

    If it helps please vote best answer!
  6. What top two open source video editing programs would you guys recommend?
  7. What about ones that are compatible with Windows XP?
  8. Update: aside from this website, I found Wax, a free video/audio editor that appears to be fairly powerful. Anyone tried it?

    -I don't need anything too powerful, just something to edit youtube videos a little bit and add/edit audio. This program does this, and supports my video format, avi. If anyone has used it and would like to recommend it, let me know.
  9. I run this daily and love it.
    Much faster than IExplorer.
  10. Thanks, but I don't need a browser, and I don't use IE anyway. Firefox only. Plenty fast enough and more secure, not to mention open source and customizable.
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