BSOD: Driver IRQL not less or equal NDIS.SYS Help!


Recently have had BSOD during every session lasting more than 20mins. Seems to have no stimulus such as programme opening etc. Also no recent hardware changes made.


NDIS.SYS ( and once or twice SS.SYS)

Not sure if related but windows wireless zero utility takes ages to startup, even though I have cleaned out startup. When it does, for some reason says "firewall not on" even though it is?

Please can anyone offer advice on how to correct this annoying problem? Thank you.

XP Pro SP3
Intel E6400 Duo CPU
2 Gig RAM
Geforce 9800gt
Belkin G Mimo wireless (USB)
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  1. It's a driver issue. Try uninstalling and reinstalling certified video and wireless drivers.
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