DGL-4300 > Wireless 108G Gaming Router Low signal??

Hi I got a DGL-4300 > Wireless 108G Gaming Router, and its taking a piss on me..

I have some friends and they got their laptop over here and we try to play some games.. but NOOO the Router wont pick up a good signal only give me a 1/7 signal, and worst of all is that Its only like 3m from the router.. if im 10m from it, it give me 0/7 signal, and if im like next to it it gives me 7/7 signal, WTF?? help please, I dont pay all that money just to get a **** fucked up Router?? right?

P.s: I have already change to a "new" one but same thing.

"A Guy in need of a really serius help"
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  1. Well people have to remember that wireless is not always about what equipment but what environment you in. If I had to guess your probably in an area with a bunch of other wireless routers. The fix is easy most routers use channel 6 so if you use channel 1 or 11 you should be fine. The exception is if you have a tech savy jerk wireless neighbor using a draft n router in 40 mhz mode pissing off the world at which case your out of luck unless you find one more powerful than his. Could also be defective antenna or on wireless adapter but more than likely it's interference.
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