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Hey guys,
Just wondering what peoples thoughts were on matching up a thermaltake bigwater 735 against a Tuniq Tower 120 or Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX. I can get a second hand bigwater 735 for the same price as a new air cooler and was wondering if this low end water product would even match up.

On another note, I was considering the Thermaltake Kandalf LCS for its water cooling solution if I decided to get a new case. I have been searching for information for quite a while and have come across references to the Thermaltake Armour LCS being better even though it has a two fan radiator. Something about the radiator being a better design to start with.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Eh, it's a decent kit. The Big Water doesnt stand a chance against a custom built loop, but it'll beat a Tuniq or something of the like by a couple degrees. Plus, you'll have some experience with water cooling already if you decide to build your own.

    Don't bother with the LCS, you would be better off just getting a big case and building your own loop.
  2. i'm building a new rig based on the thermaltake kandalf lcs, the only thing i'm planning to use is the stock rad, i will probably replace the pump res and waterblock, but will use the stock ones until i can afford better, i have heard they aren't that bad but i like performance, plus, i like the look of the case and having the rad built into the front seems very handy.
  3. I would go for the water cooling system. It would deliver better performance and would not cost too much more. If you built your own loop, it would deliver much better performance, plus it would teach you about water cooling.
  4. I am trying to make the same decision. I am torn between the thermalright ultra 120 with a scythe 120 fan

    or a LCS, either
    Thermaltake CL-W0020

    Thermaltake Bigwater 745

    for either of the liquid cooling systems I will be buying a NB waterblock as well so I can OC my E6600 safely

    My problem is, when i replace the stock CPU cooler, i will loose the draft from the cooler flowing through the NB so I will also have to find an active coooler for that as well. By the time I get all that I will be close to $100 and I am wondering if it will be more productive to spend the extra $50 of so for the LCS and get better results. I am interested in hearing the opinion of people who have these systems. In addition, when they make a waterblock for the 8800GTS I would like to purchase that as well and am wondering about the quality of the radiator and pump as to if it could handle all this heat and stress. Although I have a 7 case fans and good airflow, I will be mounting the radiators from either LCS outside the case to eliminate the heat in order to keep the other components cool. Right now I am leaning toward the BigWater 745

    Thanks for reading all this :)

    By the way, I am aware that the 745 is out of stock at newegg and will be ordering it from zipzoomfly if I go that route.
  5. My problem is, when i replace the stock CPU cooler, i will loose the draft from the cooler flowing through the NB so I will also have to find an active coooler for that as well.

    Fortunately I am going for the p5b deluxe wifi so I get the advanced cooling on the north bridge. If you are going to have to consider getting an additional water block for the northbridge and then worrying also about how this will affect the temps for your cpu in overclock you may be better off spending that waterblock money on a motherboard that wont have a chipset cooling issue. :)
  6. Remember this rule of thumb:
    The best aircooler will be about equal to the worst watercooler (prefabricated)
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