Upgrading vista 32 to vista 64 advice/options

I just want to verify, is this good advice for getting my vista 64 through my vista ultimate 32?


If anyone knows an easier method leme know :)
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  1. I don't know which advice you are referring to, but if you have a Vista Ultimate disk it should have the 64 bit version on it already according to MSFT.
    You can't upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit.
    To install the 64 bit version you will need to do a clean install by booting with the Vista dvd.
    Save all your data before you start, you will need to reinstall all your programs.
  2. If it's an OEM copy of Ultimate, then he only has the 32-bit DVD. Only retail copies of Ultimate came with both DVDs in the box.
  3. Right, it came with my PC from Cyberpower PC. They just gave me a copy of vista 32 ultimate. Not the original Windows disk, on a Cyberpower disk :(

    And all i got is 32 bit so yeah i got jipped.

    Anyhow here i am with a key that should work with 64 but no 64 disk. Thus why i need a copy of 64.

    Are their known issues with installed from OEM?

    Check out the link in the first post.
  4. You didn't get "jipped". When you buy Vista OEM you get either 32-bit or 64-bit, not both. You should contact Cyberpower and see if they will allow you to upgrade to 64-bit Vista... since they are the OEM you purchased from. They may provide you with a free 64-bit upgrade or possibly provide it for a small fee. (Smaller than purchasing the whole thing at least).
  5. Thanks Zor.

    Its amazing how many ways you can get ripped off these days with fine print or half truths.

    I wish 7 was out at the stores ug.

    And also, dont click on the links in my link :( I dunno for sure but i dont trust that one link in there.
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