"P5N32-E SLI Plus" vs "P5N32-E SLI"

Ok, so this seems like an obvious decision. But i am looking to replace my current asus p5n-e sli mobo b/c im pretty sure something is wrong with it. A buddy of mine just built an identical system, same proc, mobo, case, etc. And his CPU is on average 7-10C lower and his mobo is 6-15C lower.

Regardless back to the topic on hand. The "Plus" version of this mobo is a weird frankenstein chipset combo of the 570 southbridge and 650 northbridge. Whereas the non plu is a standard 680i chipset. As far as i can tell they are identical feature wise, they are also the same cost. Anyone have any opinions?

I was thinking the p5n-e sli PLUS might work better since its a 650i chipset so all i would need to do is just swap the mobo in and i shouldnt need to do a reinstall since its the same damn chipset.

My only concern is will the chipset drivers you download from Nvidia work with this mobo or will i consistently have to use Asus' drivers? That alone might be reason enough to get the 680i instead.

Regardless opinions would be awesome, thanks guys.
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  1. I used NVidia's drivers without issue on the P5N32-E SLI Plus. Switched to EVGA to get a better overclock. Haven't really seen a difference...
  2. plus is nice
  3. I Have The Plus But It Won't Let me Go Past 3.2 On My e 6750
  4. i'm with the same dilemma myself... which would work best with a Q6600 (which i'm thinking of trading my E6750 for.. free btw..)
  5. Both are good, but i suggest the PLUS version , since it has alot more reviews than the Non-Plus verion
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