32 bit or 64 bit?

Hi, 32 vs.64bit I have vista premium 32bit with 2 gig ram installed. If I switch to the 64bit os will it be faster even if I still only have the 2 gig ram?

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  1. Nope - Won't be faster. It'll be about the same.
  2. Also, Vista 64's Superfetch will find use for 2 GB of RAM quickly. 4 GBs would run much faster allowing for more frequently used data to be stored and then quickly accessed in system RAM. Vista 64 and 2 GB RAM, Nah.
  3. With only 2 gb it's not worth the hassle of reinstalling, first a clean install of Vista 64 then all the programs and updates, not to mention chasing up 64 bit drivers for all your hardware.
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