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I am building two computers for myself. I was going buy two of the Vista Ultimate OEM versions. I contacted Microsoft to get information on the Tech Guarantee and the coupon offer for a free upgrade to Windows 7. Microsoft would not answer my questions regarding either, because I am not a Registered System Builder with Microsoft. They even told me I should not buy the OEM version, but would not tell me why. I cannot spend the money for two retail versions of Vista Ultimate right now, and need both computers. The retail version of Ultimate comes with two disc's, one 32 Bit, and one 64 Bit. Does anyone know if I can use the 64 Bit on one computer and the 32 Bit on the other computer? Or, a way I can purchase two OEM 64 Bit Versions and still receive the free Windows 7 upgrade?

Thanks, Larry141
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  1. You cant use the 32 on one and 64 on the other because of the licenseing.
    You will need 2 OEMs.

    As far as the upgrade I doubt that you will get that with OEM.

    There is a way to trick the vista upgrade disk to do a full install if it is cheaper than the OEM full. Im not sure if there is an upgrade option with it though.
  2. pat mcgroin, thanks for your reply

    Do you mean that you doubt Microsoft will give me the free upgrade even if I have the coupon for it that comes with the purchase of the OEM disc?

    It is a Microsoft coupon, that much I was able to verify. The upgrade is not cheaper than the OEM version, but it isn't to much more. I am not sure if they are offering a free upgrade to windows 7 by purchasing a upgrade disc. I will look into that though. I just hadn't because I was looking at installing on two new builds.

    I figred there would be a licensing issue regarding using the 32 and 64 Bit on seperate computers.

    I wish someone, or company, would come out with another Operating system. We are all tired of Microsofts monopoly on the market and how pompus it is in it's attitude while controlling the market. Microsoft sucks!
  3. I didnt realize that they gave a coupon for an upgrade with a OEM disk.
    If you have it though then Im sure that its good.

    Im not sure how much the OEM versions are but in the deals section of this forum I saw 2 people selling Vista Disks for about $80. I didnt really pay attention to exactly what they were though.
    And you never know they may take less $$ for them.

    One other option may be to wait on the second build till OCT. and just get the W7 when it comes out. I only say that because Im not a big fan of upgrading a op. system and usually recommend a full clean install.
  4. Hello again pat mcgroin,

    Can you give me the links to the two sites selling Vista that you saw?

    If you want I can try and add (it may be to long) a recent explanation (review) of something I just went through with Newegg and Microsoft. I gave this as a review to Newegg yesterday, so far they have not put it on their site, and they may not. I can prove everything I have said in the review. I saved the emails, and the Newegg site for the Vista Home Premium before they changed the disclaimer to the way it reads now. In my opinion Microsoft told me what they wanted me to hear. So, with that being said. I will give you a short version. Because I am not Licensed, and registered with Microsoft as a system builder they said I could not use the OEM version, even though I can buy it at numerous places online. I asked them several times in emails if they would honor the Tech Guarantee and Coupon for the free upgrade to Windows 7. That was over a month ago, to date they have refused to answer that question. So, the problem I am having is; why buy vista now if they won't honor the free upgrade when Windows 7 will be out in less than 90 days. At the same time, I need to get my computer up and running because this one is on it's last leg. I built it 9 years ago and have had to replace my printer, keyboard, mouse, and you name it. All of this stuff works with 2.0 USB and this old puter is 1.1 USB and no way update it to 2.0, so all of my new stuff works at a much slower speed. A real dilemma I know, but it is what it is and I need to do something soon. I may have to just purchase Vista Ultimate OEM version and bite the bullet on the money when Windows 7 comes out. I will tell you this, Newegg and Microsoft put me through HELL, while both of them pointed the finger at each other. You would find the review very interesting. I could send it to you direct if it would be better than through this forum. Let me know how we can if you want to read it outside of here, not that I would mind others reading it.

    I also found out this morning that Microsoft had no right, even under copy write laws, what so ever to tell me not to use the OEM version, just because I am not a Microsoft licensed, registered system builder.

    I also don't like upgrades, and prefer to do a clean install, and your idea of waiting on the second build until October is a good one and that is what I will do.
  5. Well first I can say that you can use the OEM no matter who you are.
    Probably 30% of the people on this forum are doing the same thing.
    The only difference is that it basically comes in a plain brown wrapper (no manuals and stuff) and can only be installed once. Which only means that it has to stay with that computer.
    As for the upgrade (and their honor) Im not sure but if the OEM is the cheapest then I would try it.
    The worst that could happen is you would have to buy it anyway.
    I havent been on the newegg site for a while but do they offer a Vista upgrade disk that includes a upgrade to W7? If so I can tell you how to do a full install with the upgrade disk. (something else they would rather you dont know)

    As for the USB2 issue you can but a usb card pretty cheap to get you through.

    Below are the 2 links for the Vista disks.
  6. Thanks again pat mcgroin,

    Newegg doesn't even sell upgrades for Vista, only for Win XP, go figure. I would rather pay more money and buy from someone else at this point, just because of the way they treated me. They still haven't put my review on their site. Hopefully enough people will read this and the word will get around. Anyway, enough of them.

    I was thinking about buying a USB 2.0 card to milk the old system until October, but my motherboard does not support 2.0, only 1.1, I tried to update it, but there is nothing. It's a D850GB with RDRAM circa year 2000. At least that's what Intel says.

    ***One other question! In your opinion what is the best way to go, Home Premium or Ultimate for the money and for funcioning?

    I have read of more problems with Home Premium than Ultimate. But mostly from people with low to average experience levels.

    Thanks for the links, I will look into those. I would like to learn the trick for using the upgrade disc anyway.

    I will search other sites where I have seen the upgrade for Vista 64 Bit.
    Results for ^
    At two sites you can buy OEM or Retail versions w/Win 7 free upgrade for between $118 and $239, for Home Premium or Ultimate. Newegg is $110 to $225.

    Home Premium >

    Home Premium OEM >

    Ultimate >

    Ultimate OEM >

    NO Win 7 upgrade:
    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    Home Premium Retail >
    Ultimate Retail >

  7. Your mother board doesnt have to support USB2. The card does that for you.

    Here is the link for the upgrade/full install

    And the 2 links I gave had Vista for 80 bucks
  8. Well, I sure thought my mobo was only set up for 1.1 USB ports. It maybe the way to go until Win 7 comes out. I will have to give that some thought. It has other issues that are to cost prohibitive to upgrade to or replace, Memory for one. RDRAM is outrageously expensive. I bought a GA-EP45-UD3P mobo, 4 GB of Gskill memory and a E6300 CPU for the same cost of buying 2GB of RDRAM. So, I will probably buy the 64 Bit Vista you sent to me in the links, for $80 bucks and free shipping it's worth it even if it is OEM.

    The article on using the upgrade is very interesting and super easy, at least it reads like it is. It was written in Feb 07, and said that it may not work after SP1 in the fall of 2007, I wonder if Vista with SP1 works the same. Do you happen to know?

    One more question, that you didn't answer, that I asked earlier. In your opinion which is the best OS, Home Premium or Ultimate? That about covers it, other than those two questions. Thanks very much for your advice and help. You have made a miserable situation much better for me, and hopefully any others, who have been reading our conversations, will benefit from it also. Take care, and my best to you and more thing, where are you living at? Just curious. Later on man.

    Larry141. OUT!
  9. Yes SP1 still works.
    Im running ultimate right now but only because of the proposed additions that would become available.
    Well that never happened. Everyone that bought it for that reason got royally screwed.
    Otherwise it has a few options the premium doesnt. I cant find a quick link about it but for the most part it isnt anything you will need.

    As for your computer you are right. The Rdram turned out to be a big flop.
    It looks like you got the same treatment that I did with Ultimate.

    I once got a used computer after someone that had it got a new one and Rdram was in it. I stripped it and put it to the curb for the scrappers. The new memory was worth more than the rest of the computer.

    Also I live in Toledo OH.
  10. Thanks pat,

    I will go with Home Premium, and use the upgrade, it would feel good to get over on them, with their help, heh, heh. I have wondered why RDRAM was such a flop. My has lasted 9 years, that is pretty darned good no matter what the RAM. And my system has really been reliable and pretty quick until lately. Thanks again for help. I will post to you how everything works out. It sounds like you watch this daily. Just watch for your name. Also, I live in Reno, Nevada. Take care my friend.

    Later on.
  11. Yeah I check it out fairly often. Im bored.
    It may not last long though.
    I think I will be going back to work in Oct.
    Another carreer change.
    If it all works out Ill being overhauling elevators in San Antonio.
    Dont worry Ill figure it out>
    Just kidding...
    These guys have been doing it for a while and I wont hurt anyone.
    I was a helicopter mech. in the Coast Guard. I know when not to do something.

    As for the ram, they talked like it would be the greatest.
    Im not real sure why it wasnt.
    Technical stuff dont you know.
    I hate technical tuff.

    Let me know how it goes
  12. I have Vista Ultimate on my desktop, but opted for the Pro version of Windows 7... there isn't enough separating Pro and Ultimate to justify the price difference. Plus the 50% discount for Pro and no discount for Ultimate pretty much made my decision for me. If you need Pro's features with Home's features, it's better to just buy Pro this time around.
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