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I had read something the other day about the Windows 7 key code on the bottom of my Asus G73 not being the correct code. I ran Magic Jellybean finder and the key code it came up with for my OS was completely different than what is on the tag on the bottom of my machine. Would the code that MJBF came up with be the correct key code?
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  1. Your G73 should have an ASUS OEM Window 7 which does not require serial authentication on re-installation.
  2. Okay, so I have a Windows 7 disk that I burned from an ISO that I got off the Asus website. I want to wipe the HDD and repartition and start from scratch. Won't I need a key code for that? I was told that I could use the key on the bottom tag of the laptop, but that many times those codes are not correct and if I use a program like Magic JellyBean Finder, it will give the correct key code for my install and that's the one I can use.
  3. I would use the one from MJBF. If it fails, use the code on the bottom.
  4. Okay, but one of them should work, right? I don't want to get most of the way through a Win 7 install only to find out I don't have the right code.
  5. The one your currently using should work.
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