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I have a bunch of video files that are neatly organized in folder and file names, however when they are put in windows media player they are an unorganized mess. Is there a way, similar mp3's that you can change title, name, ect for various video types (avi, mpg, mv4).

I am streaming these files to my ps3 and I can't find a thing

I am also coping some tv shows on my ipad. The problem there is that the video files get copied to the video folder, and not the tv show folder. Is there some way to direct your video files into the appropriate place for video. Instead I have a copy of the office that got assigned to music video.

Anyway, why can't these damn programs just utilize a file system that is similar to the way a person would logically organize folders: Medium - Show Title - Season - Episode. I just makes too much sense!
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    I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for, but take a look at this:
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