Vista or XP for design programs, solidworks, adobe CS3 suite

Hi, first time forum user and i'm not very technically minded...just want to know which is better for running design or xp...or which is better in general...i cant seem to find a definitive answer anywhere online...any info would be great thanks very much

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  1. If it were me, I would wait a couple of months and get W7.
    Its due out in Oct.
    It is basically a upgraded Vista.

    I have been running Vista since it came out with no problems at all.
    I havent tried the RC of W7 but I hear that it is better and it is based on the same code.
    I think the support for XP will begin to fade before long so you dont want to fall into that hole.
    If you currently have either one I would run your progs with that for now but if you can wait then I would.
  2. Vista is best with 64-bit as those are often demanding. You can use XP 64-bit for some, but it was not a “consumer OS” hence lacks drivers. However only CS4 is 64-bit.

    But if you don’t use 64-bit versions, you can still have like 4GB or more RAM for multi-tasking large files files.
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