Remote Desktop Issues

Hey guys. I'm having a little trouble w/my remote desktop. Well, this is what I've done and tried so far:

My Computer>Properties>Remote

-[X] Allow users to connect remotely to this computer.
- Created and added users.
- Enabled Remote Desktop in windows firewall exceptions
- Tried disabling windows firewall all together. (had no effect)
- When I go to none of my ports can be read.
- I'm not using any other firewalls. Have Symantec AntiVirus and SpyBot.
- I've also tried Windows Firewall>Advanced> then selecting the connection I use for my internet
then going to Settings and selecting all the services.

I've kind of run out of ideas. When I enter my IP address into my browser (I use Firefox, although I have tried IE7), I get a login pop up, I enter one of my user names and password and I get the following error (in Firefox, IE7 just times out):

error '8002801c'

Error accessing the OLE registry.

/iisHelp/common/500-100.asp, line 17

That being said, that's what I get while trying to access from the same computer that I'm trying to connect to remotely. However, when I try to connect from another computer it just gets timed out.

That's about as much as I can think of right now.
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  1. Have you tried to access it with remote desktop client and not the web browser?
  2. Yep.

    I used Remote Desktop Connection that comes with WinXP
  3. Well...Sorry to have wasted your time, but for whatever reason, I decided to try Remote Desktop Connection again, and it worked.

    I don't like computers x_X

    Thanks for your help :)
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