OS drive maxed out and windirstat confusion

I am running Vista Ultimate on a quad core with 8 gigs of ram. My C drive is partitioned at 40gigs and is my OS drive ( I do have a few programs and directories that default there including Adobe CS4). Still it was showing 7+GBs free but has lately shown less than a GB. I ran windirstat as suggested and found files I could move and have regained 4+ gigs. My current question is that C:\pagefile.sys shows 100% and 8.3GBs. I don't know what this if and if and how I can reduce it. I have plenty of drive space elsewhere to move files.
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  1. What do you mean that you have space elsewhere.
    Do you have other partitions on the same HDD?
    If so there is a way in Vista to shrink one partition and grow another.
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    pagefile.sys is a file windows uses to set aside space for virtual memory. If you have 8 GB of RAM, you should have no need for this and can turn it off if you want.

    Right click on My Computer and choose properties (or go control panel -> system). On the left, choose Advanced System Settings.
    On the tab that pops up, at the top (in the 'Performance' section of the tab) choose Settings.
    In the next window, choose the 'Advanced' tab and you will see the section for virtual memory at the bottom. Just click change and you will be able to set the size or turn it off completely.
  3. Thanks. I set my initial pagefile size to 400 after a dialog box said that with less than that it might not be able to create error directory or some such. I set the max to 1000 MB. Only reason I did not turn it off is that I run a lot of graphic and video operations with Adobe CS4 and I have an older graphics card. Adobe was always giving me memory warnings on my older systems.
  4. Is CS4 giving an error "Out OF Memory?
    If that is the case it is running out of address space not memory. It is a confusing message.
    You will need to make a quick change and that message will stop.
    You will still need to look at increasing the available HDD space as having less than 1G free isnt enough, but this should solve your other issue.
    BTW; Thanks to Sven 2157 for this info.

    This next tweak will prevent the Out Of Memory (OOM) Error. This is EXTREMELY effective when working with Adobe CS Series, AutoDesk Products and Games (Microsoft Flight Simulator Pilots, I am looking in your direction!) that are both Graphic and Processor/RAM intensive.

    Before I begin, let me briefly descibe what happens here:

    Windows thinks its the greatest thing since fire! So, on your PC it will block ALL programs from accessing what it thinks, is it's! I.E MEMORY; both RAM and Virtual!

    Once again, you need to go into the OS and tell it who's BOSS, and only give it what it NEEDS; NOT WHAT IT WANTS! XP needs roughly 512MB, while Vista needs about 1GB to function flawlessly with RAM! About 256MB - 512MB of Virtual for BOTH. It has a "Safe Guard" that will flag programs that try to use more than 2GB of either. When this happens, it sends an error message, "Out of Memory...".

    To prevent this from happening, and crashing your programs, you need to set this limiter to a higher value. Here is how you do it:

    On VISTA: (You have to run the command prompt with elevated privlages)

    1. Click the Start..>..All Programs..>..Accessories..>..Right-Click the "Command Prompt" and choose "Run as Administrator".

    2. At the command line type the following:

    BCDEDIT(SPACE)/Set(SPACE)IncreaseUserVA(SPACE)nnnn (nnnn = the amount you want to increases by! I have mine set for 4096MB)

    3. Hit enter, and get the confirmation.

    4. REBOOT

    5. Confirm that it worked by running the command prompt, typing: BCDEDIT, hit enter and you will see the /userva switch now.... It will be under the "Windows Boot Loader" as increaseuserva = {value you set}
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