Issues with my User settings... Possible trojan or virus?

So I've seen a bunch of threads where people say they login to the computer and it won't let them open their user settings, or it does but their desktop items are gone. Long story short, everyone was told to create a new User and copy the setting over from the c:\documents and settings\...

What happens if the files aren't there? I have rolled my mouse over the c: drive and it shows that my file size is still the same and that my files should be there. But when I do a search for them or try and find the files, they aren't there?

All of the items from my desktop, start menu (including system restore) are gone. If I search for system restore in the help settings I can run it.. But running it back further than I was having the issue still doesn't fix it?

Any suggestions on what to do? I reinstalled norton 2009 and ran it. No virus or issues. Help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Did you check "Show hidden files and folders"? Otherwise you won't see your old settings (assuming that you know where they are).
  2. Yes, all hidden folders are showing. When I hover over the C: it shows that 60+ gigs are used somewhere (which is about the size of all the files), however if I search for the files, my computer can't find them, and the files and folders don't exist. This almost leads me to think that it is a user profile error and that I'm not in the correct user profile, however, I have clicked on my profile and it lets me in to that profile. Is it possible that there is a duplicate profile or default profile that it is automatically going to?

    I'm not sure why I can't view the files. I've switched through every user profile and I can't seem to find anything. Likewise, I've done a system restore several times and the desktop is still blank and it doesn't show the files. I'm pretty sure it is gone..
  3. FYI,

    Found the files.. Apparently there was a setting for "protected system files" which for some reason, everything got changed to... After I turned that setting on, a folder called found.000 popped up. All the files and setting were in there. If anyone else has this problem, in the same settings to turn on hidden files and folders is a setting for system files and folders. click to turn that one on.

  4. It looks like you had a disk error and you ran chkdsk. Otherwise you wouldn't have a hidden found.000 folder.
  5. I dont think its a disk error. Found.000 is a trojan. i got similar problems with my flashdrive,my classmates flashdrive and computer. Problem that hasnt been solve until now by any antivirus software. it creates duplicates files with huge memories. i bet you cannot delete it even using linux os.
  6. Hi,

    No, no ... Found.000 isn't a Malicious folder ... Just the result of chkdsk tool.
    The Drive looks like dead.
  7. I am not sure, but I think its not a infection of any kind. Your Hard drive or OS might be buggy. Just to make sure its not a trojan thats doing it, download and install a freeware called A-Squared or Malwarebytes (Best Anti-Virus Scanners I've used), then update them and run a full scan in safe mode.
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