Duel install ones bad

um, Please Help!!

my story:

I had a virus, reinstalled windows. Key didn't work. forced to use trail
ok well being me I already had vista SO why the f*** would I pay for another?

I thought of using one of those vista cracker tool thingys to activate my system
it saud successful, ...asked for restart
So I did
computer booted up to the black screen with blinking _

it stayed like that....for about an hour till I said F*** it and turned it off and tried again
I tried pressing F8, nothing happened

Here comes the fun part

I had the windows vista on a disk, So i booted from it
I tried running system restore, restarted, it didn't work

omg, My only option was to reinstall and LOSE EVERYTHING
I cant afford that
I have 2Pac remixes I spent ALONG time on

I didn't know I had a boot section partition thingy
So I installed this new windows on it
so now im running two of the same windows

ones crap and dead, other has nothing and no drivers meaning im looking at the screen at 800x600 when my default was 1280x800

omg PLease help
I need my running server online!
my songs!

Is there anyway to repair the broken version?!?

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  1. Install drivers, pragramms you need, cut out your songs from old window & delete it. Nothing lives for ever, even vista.
  2. This post makes me feel bad and stupid ^^
    I found my answer by Installing Windows 7.

    Strange as that maybe, it skips the black screen of death and goes to the boot menu.
    So I just launch Windows Vista and it works!

    So I've been doing that ever since.

    Anywayz thanks tho.
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