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Hello Guys,

I recently downloaded a legal version of Windows XP Professional 64 BIT and I burned it on CD with 'Nero Burning Rom'.
When I insert the disc into my CD-Drive it autoruns well I see a few options. When I start my computer I'd like to see my computer using that CD to boot so I can format / install my new O.S. However it doesn't read / see the cd. The boot priority is set so it reads my CD-Drive first. Because it doesn't see the CD I think I burned it wrong on to a CD.

I used Nero Burning Rom to burn it and I selected CD-ROM (UDF/ISO). After that I just dragged all the files (Setup.exe etc) into the other window and burned it. I guess I have to use the CD-ROM(Boot) option or whatever to let it work? If so .. I need to have an Image file to make it bootable. Any clues where I can get it? At the moment I only have all the other normal files like setup.exe.

I'd appreciate it someone can tell me how to make this CD bootable.

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  1. You should have downloaded an .iso file. In Nero, Select Burn Image... under recorder and browse to the .iso file.

  2. This worked, thanks big time!
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