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Free Antivirus vs Purchased AntiVirus:

My question has to deal with the AntiVirus brand of software. I have found a ClamWin Free Antivirus. It is free and open source; my question is their a huge difference as far as doing the task of finding virus,spyware, and malware with this software vs. the huge company's of Syemtech and McAfee.
Do you suggest any free and open source antivirus?
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    Try avira free antivirus or avast free antivirus or avg free antivirus.Never install a mcafee product!The paid versions are no better than these three i mentioned!Also download malwarebytes free spyware remover.These are awesome security apps.Just as good or better than paid versions of antivirus!

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  2. As the alien of death said, never install a mcafee product. Ever.
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