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I tried to find the answer to this question on several forums and none gave me something conclusive, so i thought this is the best place to ask :

Does CPU load affect internet speed in any way? I'm running a Cable connection with up to 6 mb/s (usually arround 3-4 real speed). Its important to mention I'm not talking about over 80% cpu load but rather having a few programs like BSplayer, or multiple windows explorer tabs opened. As for the CPU i have a AthlonXP 2200+ (yes i know an upgrade is needed :sarcastic: )

Thank you for your time.
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  1. well if you hit 100% cpu it will otherwise probably not. Your hard drive is most likely the bottleneck if at all. It can only handle prolly 45-50 mbps. So if your accessing it alot with other programs you might get to the point where its using all the bandwidth.
  2. i don't think that your CPU load is affectiong your connection.. you only think that your internet connection is slow but the truth is your cpu can't really handle that amount of load.. Just try runing 2-3 applications and i think it will do fine..
  3. cpu load affects that the webpages could show up slowly
    but does nothing to your internet speed
  4. slow a cpu down to an equivalent 1 /cycle/second speed then the next character arrives in about 8 hours on a cable connection
  5. Several years ago, I have a 600MHz. PII Celeron that had no problems keeping up with a 3 MBit cable connection. I wasn't doing a lot of multi-tasking, but still ...
  6. It is a interesting sharing.........
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