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I have been unable to play any videos on my windows xp computer for a couple of days (except using winamp). Whenever I try to play a video the audio works but a blank screen is displayed where the video should be. I have tried many different types of video file and tried media player classic VLC, and even windows media player. I have been playing videos on this installation of windows for many a month with no problems and to my knowledge have not made any changes that could effect video playing. This is exceptionally annoying (although for some reason winamp still works). I use the k-lite codec pack but I dont think it is codec related as I have been told that VLC uses its own codecs.

Any idea's would be greatly appreciated as this is very annoying. If not I am going to reinstall windows which is not something I want to do really.

Much love

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  1. remove all codecs and players
    install Media player 11 and install this version of k-lite
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