Issue Booting from DVD Drive

-BIOS recognizes my LG SuperMulti drive in Setup as an Atapi CDROM, and it is listed as the first option on Boot Device Priority

-If I use the BBS Popup, the Atapi CD Rom is not a listed option

-I have tried to boot with a copy of the Vista Home Premium disk (my ex took the original and has since lost it herself --she says--), and it ignores the disc and loads Vista from the HDD

-I tried with several other types of discs that should be bootable, and it just ignores them as well

-I switched the jumper from Master (where I, in horror, found it) position, tried with CS and also as a Slave

I need to run CHKDSK on the main drive to repair some obvious errors Vista is reporting. When I schedule the CHKDSK from within Vista to run when the computer reboots, that command is similarly ignored, and Vista boots right up, with that annoyingly happy little "I'm still ignoring you" high pitched little simpering -- never mind . . .

I'm tempted to just go buy a new copy of Vista Home Premium, but dangit, Windows 7 comes out soon, so it's like throwing money right out of the window, because I'll want the new OS as well.

My biggest fear is that even with all the tweaks and tiny Safe Mode fixes I keep doing, that the drive will fail completely before I can catch it (I have backed up important information, but who in their right mind wants to reinstall all their programs and play all their games to get back to the point where their saved games had them???)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

**Please note that this post may be miscatergorized; I'm not sure how to find exactly where it should go.
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  1. Do you have another optical drive that it may be trying to boot from instead of the LG DVD drive? If you do have another drive, try unplugging it. Then try booting with the OS disc in your LG drive.
  2. No other optical drive -- could the floppy be interfering? BIOS is set to this boot order: CD, Floppy, C: Drive
  3. That boot order is what you want for booting off an OS disc. The floppy shouldn't have any impact. Though, I usually have the floppy as the last boot device, or disabled all together in the boot order.

    Insert the disc and restart. Keep pressing a key as it's restarting. I was working on a PC once where the monitor's display was off to the left and I couldn't see the message to 'press any key'. It may be there even though you aren't seeing it.

    If ^^ that doesn't work, boot into windows. Insert your OS disc and see if it kicks off trying to install windows. If not, it's not be bootable.
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