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I am curious what people are using these days for wiping data of hard drives. I'm lookin for something that will do a DOD level disk wipe. Free is always a plus too.
Please list the app and where I can download it. Thanks
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  2. DOD is ok, but only does 3 wipes. NSA does 7, and Peter Gutmann algorithm does 35. They are slower, for sure, but much more efficient.
  3. dban does those too and more.
  4. Thanks false!
  5. Hi,

    Why to go for any free software as it may cause more harm than good. Those need security for their private data that are deleted, use the disk wipe to erase your data permanently. The software ensures complete file and data deletion by overwriting the data several times. The software lets you to wipe the data from complete hard drive or logical drive.
  6. And I would use that software why? Dban works just fine, and does the job just fine. If dban is not what you need, hook the drive up using an adapter to another pc, and use ccleaner. But dban is good enough for me. Also, if the free software does cause harm, reformat, not a complicated thing. But dban is good.
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