Which software to create Autoplay CD Menus

I need to create a autoplay menu for cd which will provide user options to do a lot of stuff. Like open pdf brochures, install softwares, view demo videos, etc.
I have tried trial versions of many softwares like - AutoPlay Media Studio, Autoplay Menu Designer. But all have some or other limitations such as some will not allow me to provide my own custom icon file for the exe. Or others if thay allow this will then leave some sort of vendor information in the properties of the exe file.
I want to create a completely professional looking cd menu, where there is no other company's info than my own. Can anyone suggest me a software to do the same.
I also want to know how do the other big enterprises create their CD menus, do they use any software or do they custom build it and how ?
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  1. Autoplay Menu Designer already supports changing exe icon and has been removed any vendor information in latest version.
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