Shuffle URL's in Windows Media Player?


I've been trying to shuffle playing between two URL streams in Windows Media Player, but cannot seem to find the answer via a basic search.

I'm thinking there must be some kind of custom VB script required and WMP jet in order to do this after a certain time per each URL playing, since WMP doesn't recognize when a track ends on one URL.

If there is a simpler solution, please let me know. I would really appreciate the help.

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  1. Shuffle between URL streams? Could you elaborate?
  2. Hi, sure. And thanks for replying.

    I have two streaming URL radio stations: (for example by illustration, not actual ips)

    I open WMP and click open url for each one, and start playing radio 1's stream.
    I then "Save Now playing list as" a URL playlist, that loads Radio 1 on double clicking it, in WMP.

    Then i do the same for

    In the end, I have two URLs saved as playlists, that I can drag into WMP and have listed as two "tracks" (sortof), however: at the end of radio station 1's first track, it doesnt go to radio station 2,
    and this is understandable, because it is one continuous stream (although of worthy mention, the track names do change in text at the top display of media player - for this radio stations stream).

    What I would like to achieve at the very least though, is for "Track 1"/Radio1 to go to "Track 2"/Radio2, from time to time.

    Even if this happens random time intervals.

    Do you think this is possible?
  3. Not to my knowledge, but I don't use WMP very much. I could find nothing on google, either.
  4. Thank you Bruce, I appreciate your efforts!
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