Strange bootup with usb

Hi guys and girls.

I have a very peculiar situation happening with a clients desktop.

She called me a few days ago saying that she wanted to get some files off of her usb flashdrive. She said that she put the usb into her usb port, and the PC froze. This is when she called me down to help her out.

I removed the stick and restarted the PC. The options of RESTART NORMALLY, RESTART SAFEMODE, RESTART WITH LAST STABLE LOAD etc etc came up.
I chose the LAST STABLE option.

The PC rebooted and came to the XP welcome screen, then went blank and hung again.

I had a hunch about something, so I inserted the usb stick in and restarted the pc again.
Same thing happened - Pc came to welcome screen, then went blank and hung... BUT, I then pulled out the USB stick, and the blank hung screen changed to the normal windows login screen!!

Everything works normally except for an annoying alert in the system tray that says USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNISED, even though there is no usb stick in the usb port.

I have also inserted the usb stick into the pc again to see if maybe any system files were somehow copied over to it, but the pc doesnt read the usb.

This usb also works fine on my own pc, so its not the stick thats faulty.

So I have now come to the conclusion that in order for my client to properly start her PC, she has to insert the usb, wait for the screen to go blank and hang, and then remove the usb.

Has ANYONE ever come across this weird occurance before?

I have been searching for an answer to this for about a week now...

Please help!
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  1. You can check the boot menu to make sure it's not looking for the usb drive and allow it to boot from other devices.
  2. A fresh idea, thanks aford10.

    I have checked the boot sequence, and it boots from hardrive. I have also disabled boot from usb or other devices and still the same thing.
  3. Give this a look.
    Since the stick works on yours, I think hers may just be confused.
    Use the procedure below and then delete the device in device manager.
    Then reboot and see if it works.
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