Windows XP loads slower on my OC'd MSI 680i P6N ref. mobo

Ok here is the problem. Before overclocking my windows loading time was about 2 bars :) meaning as the second bar on the loading screen reached the right end of the screen, windows loaded..

I noticed that after i overclocked windows loading time ( measured in loading bars passed LOL ) started to change.. for the worse.. right now its at 5 bars.. when i overclocked my cpu to about 3.2 it was at 6-7 bars.. before windows would load..

Now.. the question.. AM i mising something.. or am I correct that my computer should load windows FASTER as i overclock... or at least.. shouldnt make it load SLOWER ... ? Can anyone diagnose this?:) Anyone has any ideas? Maybe the voltages i set in bios are messing the loading times up?

Here are my exact specs as to make everything clear.

MSI nForce 680i (the Nvidia Reference one called P6N , the one MSI is not really acknowleding in some countries.. or at least on their main website:D )
with bios version p25.

Core 2 Duo 6400 currently at 2.66 GHZ ( I cool it with the ThermalRight 120 Ultra Extreme so i doubt cooling is the problem )
GF8800GTS 640MB/320bit (Super-Clocked)
Patriort 2GB DDR2 800MHZ (2X1024) with CAS of 4
2 320GB Caviar disks in a RAID Matrix
1 160GB Segate disk

the other specs are irrelevant i suppose?
Badly fragmented drives are out of the question as they are freshly defragmented.. and bad boot file placement on the disk is out of the question too as I ran BootVis with at least 10 itterations before performing the optimize feature.

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  1. Don't reboot so much? :P

    Do tests with something more reliable, say Sisoft sandra.
    But obviously it could mean something in the range that the cpu is creating more errors or the raid is doing that.
    Make sure you're not OC:ing the PCI bus.
  2. o'cing the PCI bus? How would i even do that? I noticed the PCI-e voltages rise when i up the voltage for the SPP on my mainboard..? but I dont see any distinct feature in my BIOS that would let me change voltages on the PCI BUS.

    I also have linkboost and Nvidia EX disabled in bios. and .. from what i understand my pci bus is at 100mhz.. default.
  3. anyone?
  4. Maybe ur psu sucks. and it really sucks now that u have a bunch of powerful hardware and ur overclocking them. Sooo much in fact that u dont have any juice left to booooot fast. Did u know that most of the power used by ur comp is used by ur cpu, ur gpu, ur cd drives and ur hard drives. The bad part is they are all singing there hearts out when u boot. Or u just need to chill and tell ur comp, its chill i still love u.
  5. i doubt it my PSU is a Be Quiet Straight Power 650W . I concider it quite good.
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