Cant copy and paste

Really annoying problem,

Fresh install of Vista SP2 ultimate, cant copy a file from desktop into the documents folder or anything similar! Can copy files to desktop though.

Error : 'You need permission to perform this action'. WTF!?

Account is an administrator account..

I have tried the 'take ownership' fix where i applied a reg entry and can now shift + right click a file and press take ownership of the directory, i did it for the whole users directory no luck. - Makes me mad im having to do this just trying to copy a file!

I have tired the fix of finding windows explorer in the start menu and right clicking and pressing 'run as administrator' as well.

Many thanks if anyone can help out.
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  1. Edit: Permissions for the directory im trying to copy into seem normal as well.
  2. This is just a shot in the dark...

    have you tried disabling UAC?

    Also have you tried using the hidden administrator account to achieve this, I think it gives even higher administration privileges.
  3. Try right clicking the file and use "Send To" My Documents instead.
  4. i dont know, but i have the same problem. just restarted my computer and everything works well after that.

    -Nhoel of
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