ecs rc410-m rev.1.1 JFP1 layot

desperately need the panel connector layout for ecs rc410-m revision 1.1 mobo. This isn't featured on the ecs website. No labels on pin connector. please help. do not have manual.
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  1. I think these mobos where made for HP/Compaq.

    Info here

    I am having trouble with getting the USB ports to work in high speed mode (2.0). I have to uninstall the "standard enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller" tto detect a flash disk.

    If you have the driver disk, please let me know.
  2. Hey Tom I have the same problem so I found this site and it has a pdf for MSI board which is very close to the board we have. It says the JFP1 is compliant with Intel front panel I/O design.
    Go here and get the PDF
  3. Top Tip ...

    Use this very nice utility.In most cases it will read any BIOS chip and give you the OEM and model number.
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