Low HDD free space after reformat

As the title says i have a 200gb HDD that was reformatted by the person i bought it from and now it has about 30GB free. What is the issue here? The system is a sager 9262 and its running vista ultimate.
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  1. Are you sure it's a 200gb drive or has it been switched, watch the bios screen when starting the computer the true size will be shown on the startup screen.
    In Windows Drive Management it will show if it has been partitioned and how much is used and available, you may have unpartitioned space available.
    The seller may have had the drive partitioned and simply deleted the partition that he had his files on instead of formatting.
  2. I played with it a little more and it seems that he just did a fresh install and all his old files were still on the computer in the windoes.old folder. I reformatted and reinstalled vista 32. Works beautifully now.
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