atx case vs cooler master nvidia super case?

ok i have read about CEB form factors , it was a great article and has me thinking. before i stuff a L1+ board and dual amd quads with 8gigs cosrsair memory and 2 gtx 8800 ultras and a 1k power supply into a atx case with 3 80 mm fans would it be smarter to get the new coolermaster CM Stacker 830-NVIDIA Edition - (NV-830-KKN2-GP) which would let me run at least 6 120mm fans and also 1-3 80mm fans....i kinda figure what your answer might be but before i spend 250 on a case id just like to confirm this with ppl who know more about computers than i do...

the link to the case is

the atx case i was planning on useing was a MGE DRAGON CASE which seems everyone hates
the link to the dragon is
so i would value your inputs i really wanna build a aswsome box and i think the dragon looks cool but im not so sure it will keep the computer cool....
thank you in advance for any advice...
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  1. i kinda thought the guru's would say drop the dragon..too bad i like the thing but i dont wanna burn up the system either....i liked the lian li case but im thinking if i go that big i might as well get as many 5 inch bays i can plus the fans....then i can add a fan controller dvd players and later when prices come down a hd burner and a blu ray burner but thats a ways off well if anyone else has input id love to hear it but i think the verdict is drop the dragon...thanks to the both of you who replied...i was afraid id get flamed asking a dumb question...nice to know i can come here and not get burned...thanks again
  2. If you're looking for a "bling" case that won't kill your wallet check out the sunbeam transformer and NZXT apollo, both have good quality & high cooling capacity.
  3. Go with fact go for the TO-1 case.

    When you set it up remove the rear fan guard (it unscrews so no cutting needed) for the 70% boost in airflow.

    Rather than the PC Power & Cooling 1KW...get TWO 750's (this case can use 2 PSU's)...and get them from the factory by talking to a Tech for only $169 USD each.

    That will give you 1500 Watts (120 AMP's on 12 Volts) for only $340 USD (they come with dual adaptor).

    This case can also use the Crossflow fan that is an option...draws air from side vents on case and sends it full length of the MB cooling Ram/Chipset/Voltage regulators.

    I think it is a much cooler running case than a 830 and in fact the coolest running case hands down.
    My Optrons with 50% OC and Thermalright coolers run only 2C over room temps.
  4. im sure this is gonna draw alot of boo's but i already bought the power supply astually i have 2 power supplies...i have a bfg 1k power supply but it doesnt have the 8 pin pcie adapters so i put that one to the side to upgrade an older box i have...... and for the dual quads i bought a "ultra modular 1k power supply" so i only have to use the cables i need to use....ill look into the TO case version i dindt know i had to cut the case to put the top fan in and i definately am not ready to cut the case for two power supplies but id love to try it just for bragging rights but id mess it up, im not too good with power i cant believe the advice...thank you very much...ill look into the othe cases too although as far as bling i just fell in love with the dragon and bought it and alredy put all red led lights in it so it would be ready but thats shot...ill trade the case with one of my other poooters but i guess its the 803 or this verison of it the TO i think....well again thanks for the advice...nice that ppl smarter than me will take the time and offer so much help...
  5. If you are spending all of that $ on a comptuer you probably won't mind spending $350+ on a case, you should check out the Zalman Fatal1ty case:

    I would have thought it crazy to drop that much on a case but after I got a chance to see one up close, I had to buy one. I don't know of any other way to describe it other than it is a cross between a bank vault, a stealth bomber, and old school analog 70's stereo gear.

    It is a very simple design but it actually has much better airflow than my P180B. It really is built like a piece of military hardware, the only plastic on the thing is the dust bag that it is shipped in.
  6. From a functional standpoint I agree with you, but there is something about the 5mm thick aluminum and zero plastic that for me sets it apart. If I were doing a budget or even mid level build I'd go with something else, but with this case I'm actually proud to have it sitting on my desk. Maybe I'm too picky but so many cases out there are just plain ugly and cheap looking with gimmicky cooling gadgets that look like afterthoughts.
  7. Hey Mpilch, on a side note, I am digging your new avatar & sig.

  8. Personally I would go with the ThermalTake Armor but I am biased since I own one. LOL
  9. A couple of weeks ago I built a system for a buddy I work with. He went with the antec 900, and it was really nice and easy to work with. I would recommend it to anyone if you are considering it.

    I actually have a more expensive aluminum lian-li case, and I admit i was a little jealous at how good his rig looked when we were finished.

    I agree with taco on that lian-li full tower he linked though, if they hadn't been out of stock when I built mine, I would have one of those.

    Here is a review of that full tower case.
  10. Quote:
    um, it's not that easy

    You also have to do a lot of modding to the psus to get them to be synced, not the easiest thing to do for a first timer, requires cutting open a side of the psu, then joining some wires, then creating a new inlet (hence the purpose of cutting the side open), then you have to bridge both of the psus. Not the easiest thing to do for a first timer

    Yes it is that easy.

    1) The case comes with 2 PSU locations.
    2) The PSU's come with the adaptor so that when the pwr button on the case is pushed BOTH units power up.

    The adaptor is just a 24 pin connector that fits the MB ....1 PSU plugs into the top of it and the other end of the adaptor fits the other PSU.
    All it does is feed the green and black wire to the 2nd PSU so it turns on along with the one that powers the MB.

    Use the 2nd drive to run your GFX,fans and any extra drives (the TO-1 case can hold 11 HD's).

    The whole point of me telling him to go this route with the case and PSU was:
    1) Saves money over buying the 1KW PSU (about $150-200 USD)
    2)Improved cooling (both the case and the extra fan on 2nd PSU).

    In the end you get better cooling,more 12 volt amps and save enough to get the case for FREE. :wink:
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