How to stabilize shaky videos [Video Tutorial]

VirtualDub + DeShaker
This is a tutorial on how to eliminate shakiness in videos. The programs and files used are VirtualDub, ffdshow, and DeShaker v2.4 Image Stabilizer.

Download links: All programs are free!

Note to Moderators: Administrator has allowed me to post YouTube videos.

Sorry for the quality. I made this video before I got the chance to use desktop recording softwares, which would've greatly enhanced the quality.
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  1. pretty cool. thanks for the info.
  2. Hi, I had a similar problem - shaky videos which originally did not shake until my computer crashed and the Windows XP operating system was reinstalled. It appeared that I didn't have the codecs for MPEG-2 format videos.

    After trying to download MPEG-2 codecs without success I found that my video editing software (Adobe Premiere 10) solved the problem - simply by editing the videos and exporting them back to the same video folder. The original videos still shake but the processed ones don't and appear entirely normal.
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