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I was in the process of removing vista and installing xp, made a partition and the install seemed to be going fine. However, when it started installing devices the screen goes crazy, possible driver problem maybe?
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  1. Did you run the comprehensive format before the install process started?

    The format should remove all the old drivers.
  2. I did, several times even.
  3. If it's not a driver problem, the card could be failing.
  4. I'm almost positive it's not the card, setup just quits now midway through the initial setup, then the computer shuts down.
  5. What setup is quitting? Is it freezing, giving BSOD, or just restarting?
  6. Sorry about the lack of info, during the format (NTFS) it powers off. I haven't done anything different from what I was doing before, aside from running a diagnostic test which checked out alright.
  7. Have you checked your temps in the BIOS?
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