Driver/BIOS scanning sites? suspicions?

I've always been suspicious of sites that advertise instant performance boost by free web scanning.
recently Everest linked me to

is there anything to worry about or are the sites safe/recommended to use?

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  1. My recommendation to you is use
    to determine if you need a driver. The scan is free.
    If it says you need a driver, post the info on this site and we can direct you to where to get the driver from.
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    Check the device manager to see if you have a conflict on a device. If not, your hardware is installed. Then you can go to your hardware manufacturer's website, and download any updated drivers. It's very easy to do yourself. I wouldn't recommend any 3rd party sites like that.

    For performance tools, look at ccleaner, malwarebytes, and winpatrol, in addition to your built in windows tools.
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